Council of Thieves

The City is haunted by spirits at night who kill those unlucky to be out without sufficient light to keep them at bay, and that's one of the lesser problems in this city of Evil.

Are you up to it?

See campaign information here. Your GM is Andy

The Strange World of Volga

The strange world of Volga is where you find yourself, drifting here from your home for reasons you may not wish to discuss. Evil has entered the area, devils loosed and the dead rising from their graves to attack the living. Can you find the source of this evil and eradicate it, so the townsfolk can return to their mundane life without the death and destruction that has been wreaked upon them?

See campaign information here. Your GM is David R.

A New Frontier

You have all just gotten off the boat after a long journey across the sea. Your only stop for over two months, was three weeks ago on a small island they called Port Chestersmith, named after an old pirate. You are each part of an expedition across the sea to find new land and new exotic artifacts. Your Captain is Arstil Germaine. There are two boats full of men sailing across the sea one mainly to carry cargo and the other to carry the explorers. The lead boat, carrying the explorers hit a reef off the coast of a land no one had seen before at night. The bottom of the boat was torn up and the crew had to abandon ship. The ship partially sunk and only one man died, Canter the man in the crows nest at the time was catapulted out the nest when the ship hit the reef and fell to his doom. The cargo ship was able to avoid the reef and anchor away from it. The rest of the crew was able to make it to shore and set up a camp. The total of men in the crew is 42 men (unless someone decides to play a female.) Tents have been pitched along the beach and a camp has been established over the last three days. The Captain has called all of the crew together on the beach the morning of your fourth day there. You were all hand picked to come on this trek because of each of your individual skills. You are the exploration crew.

See campaign information here. Your GM is Andy

The Ryand Company

An action-adventure campaign that takes you all over the world investigating mysteries and general weirdness. You are employed as a part of an investigative trouble-shooting team by a prominent though secretive consulting firm called the Ryand Company.

So whether you're unearthing a pyramid somewhere north of Yellow Knife, aiding an archeological dig in Mesopotamia, investigating a vampire sighting in Cleveland, or hunting mastodons in...well, you're not sure where, you'll be in for the adventure of your life.

See campaign information here. Your GM is Dale

Ding, Dong, The Lich is Dead!

What to do now that the evil lich Arianis is destroyed? His armies and minions still exist, though in disarray, and at least part of your job is to push them back well away from the city of Trevton and west of the borders of Ludern. Though with the mix of races amongst the mercenaries and adventurers, and the various monstrous humanoids who have joined the cause, it's not always easy to tell friend from foe.

See campaign information here. Your GM is Richey

The Pirates of Kurthak

The forces of Kurthak are forming for one final battle to take over your beloved island country of Allysia. Is all lost, or can you stop their relentless assault? Even if you can (or can not), what is next for you?

See campaign information here. Your GM is Dale

House Deities (David, Andy & Richey's Campaigns)